I. Background

The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) area forms a high-tech supply chain, integrating academia, industries and R&D and encouraging industrial upgrading in southern Taiwan. Many high-tech engineers are needed at the STSP, especially for the integration of different areas.

Based on the above needs, the Graduate Institute of System Engineering at the National University of Tainan was established in 2005. It was the first graduate program in Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC) to offer an interdisciplinary post graduate education with emphasis on the fields of precision manufacturing, automation, mechatronics, and system integration.

II. Goals

1. Integration of all subjects in the field of engineering. To instill our students with the ability to develop new products and create new technologies.
2. According to the needs of the current manufacturing industry, to cultivate system engineering students with the ability to solve the system problems in the precision manufacturing industry.
3. Through instruction in optomechatronics, train students to be specialists in the optical industry.

III. Curriculum

The curriculum of the S.E. graduate institute consists of the four areas of mechatronics, precision mechanics, information engineering, and electrical engineering. Practical training focuses on system engineering.

IV. Faculty

The graduate institute of system engineering currently has eleven faculty members, two professors, two associate professors and seven part-time teachers from industry. More experienced faculty members will be recruited in the future.

V. Characteristics and development

1. To cultivate high level engineers who are able to solve problems in system engineering.
2. Domestic and international cooperation with industry, government, and academia.
3. To develop innovative products and create new technologies.

VI. Development of career

1. Graduates can work in precision manufacturing, mechatronics, automation and Bioengineering industry.
2. Graduates can pursue advanced studies in the Ph. D. program.