We select some important items for you to know this program just in seconds, and you could find more details via the link:

1. Application period
There will be two periods for application as followings,
(1) Feburary1st ─ April 10th for the enrollment at the first semester (started in September to January)
(2) September 1st ─ October 31rd for enrollment at the second semester (started in February to June)

2. Relative expense for the master program (approximation for every academic year)
(1) Tuition and miscellaneous fee : NT$ 105,358
(2) Tuition rate per credit hour : NT$ 2,000
(3) Accommodation fee : NT$ 16,160
(4) The cost of living in Taiwan : NT$ 72,000

3. Scholarship information
(1) Application period : The international students should apply for the scholarships at the same time when they are doing the enrollment application, and continually , it will be an annual application to the Graduate Academic Affairs Section before August 15th or February 10th each
(2) Type: There will be 2 types of scholarship as followings,
a. All costs are covered by school (except his/her own living cost), just for one international freshman for the program of every institute
b. Partial costs are deducted (followed the rates of local students in NUTN, ex. Tuition and miscellaneous fee NT$23,680, Tuition rate per credit hour NT$1,410, Accommodation fee NT$16,160 and etc. every academic year ).

Important: We will strive for the full scholarship to cover above expense for those who are going to select GIMSE for their advance study.