International Student Scholarships

I. Application Period

1. First year: International students can apply for the international scholarship at the time of applying for admission during Jan 1st to Apr 10 (The first run) and Jun 1st to Jul 31 (The second run: for graduate students only).
2. Second year and on: In subsequent years, qualified international students can submit their application forms and transcripts to the Graduate Education Section (for graduate students) or the Registry Section (for undergraduate students) before August 15 for applying the international student scholarship.

II. Qualification

1. Not granted scholarships from the government are eligible for this scholarship.
2. International students who are admitted into any of the degree programs of NUTN according to the University’s International Admissions Policies.
3. From the second year on, the international student must fulfill the following requirements:
The previous school year GPA is 75 or above for graduate students or 65 or above for undergraduate students. Senior graduate students without course load can submit research papers for review.

III.Content of scholarship

1. In addition to registration fee waivers the University also provides school dorm.
2. In addition to registration fee waivers and providing school dorm, undergraduate students will receive a stipend of NT$6,000 each month, while the monthly stipend for master’s students is NT$8,000 and for doctoral students is NT$10,000.

IV. Terms of scholarship

Scholarships are awarded on a year-by-year basis and annual applications are necessary. The maximum term for undergraduate students is 4 years, for master’s students 2 years, and for doctoral students 4 years. The scholarship will be terminated in case of suspension, withdrawal, or graduation; or if the receiver does not meet the GPA requirements specified in Item 2 above.

You can also apply for airfare subsidy to Office of Research and Development, please refer to “Guidelines for Exchange Student Scholarships of National University of Tainan” for details.