Features of teaching

Course arrangements are mainly based on the notion of the east and west art creations complemented by academic theories; are designed to integrate the difference between traditional and modern arts and the difference between humanity and technology; are focused on the sequence and unity of arts curriculum; attempt to strengthen the depth and width of every field; and are designed to foster a variety of arts experts and arts teachers. To keep up with the notion of information media era, this department fosters creative arts experts by fully using digital technology and media, developing the trend of new arts, cultivating students to follow how this era goes, and helping students show their talents and have the ability to do research. The contents of curriculum are designed to meet the needs of this era and meet students’ future plan for arts life. The characteristics of this department are as follows:

  1. To cultivate students as fine art experts with the theoretical research ability and arts creation, the department offers effective curriculum and emphasizes teaching methods to constructively improve students’ abilities in arts creation and arts theories. Help students understand the needs of this society, develop the media of visual language, and apply what they have learned to the related fields of visual culture.

  2. Follow the trend of visual arts development, develop visual arts achievements and research, help students grow in visual arts field, and channel into a new presence form of digitalized-oriented multi-media. Course curriculum—material, media, form, history theory, academic theory—provide an environment where students can choose their interests and specialties and incorporate a variety of experiences into their own individual traits.

  3. The combinational development of traditional and modern aesthetics is the main focus in the department, the development that has been appearing in different visual arts fields for the past few years. Enhance students’ abilities in using computer facilities. With a focus on traditional and inventive arts and the combination of technology and humanity, students will learn how to combine the latest technology and how to experience the spirit of the life style in the new era